Self-Created Content

Faculty often have access to and knowledge of people and places that others would never even consider. If you’re developing an online course with the College of Continuing Studies, the Innovation Team can provide access to video equipment that will allow you to capture locations or interviews on your own. This is particularly useful when traveling to a location outside of Tuscaloosa where it would be hard to send a member of the Media Team.

Some examples might include:

  • Touring the country, interviewing journalists in newsrooms
  • Interviewing experts in your field while at a professional/academic conference
  • Capturing video of a one-time event (for example, an art showing that comes into town for one evening)

The primary piece of equipment that the Innovation Team makes available for checkout is the DJI Osmo, a camera that has a gimbal built right in to keep the camera smooth no matter how much you move or shake your hands. The Innovation Team will provide a brief training session to make you comfortable with the camera before sending you out.

To learn more, please send us an email at