Spotlight on Tech: Flipgrid

Spotlight on Tech: Flipgrid

The Innovation Team is always investigating new tools for inclusion into online courses, and we like to share tools that we have discovered or have been introduced to. The tool I want to share today is Flipgrid.

What Is It?

Flipgrid describes itself as a “video discussion community” tool, and that is very accurate. Instructors create a “grid,” (optionally) add an introduction video and topic text, and then copy and paste a link (or code) into their course. Students then click the link, post a video reply, and view each other’s videos.

Why We Like It

Flipgrid is simple to use, both on the instructor and student side. It’s on pretty much every device, and while it does only one thing, it does it very well. Flipgrid’s free version is adequate for many use-cases, and its premium version is affordable.

What We Wish It Did

Flipgrid does not appear to have LTI grade book integration, though you can export activity into a spreadsheet on the paid version. We also wish that full embedding worked on the free version, but we understand why it does not.


You can view more specifics about the features available at each price point on Flipgrid’s website, but as of this post, it costs $65 per year for an educator to sign up for unlimited access for a year. You can also buy a 10-pack for your institution.

Try It Out

I’ve created a new Flipgrid and embedded a link on this page (in the paid version you can embed the entire grid with full functionality). Please read the instructions, watch the short intro video, and give it a shot! You can find Flipgrid and other tools on the Innovation Sandbox page.

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